Plasma Sonics Return and Refund Policy

A restocking fee of twenty percent (20%) is charged on all returned orders to Plasma Sonics.  Return-shipping fees shall be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser (s). 

Cancellation of orders within five (5) days after the order has been placed ,will be at no charge to the customer. Cancellations of orders Five (5) days after an order is placed will incur a 20% restocking fee which will be calculated at the full purchase price regardless of the amount of down payment .

The Purchaser has a period of  seven (7) calendar days after receipt of the product(s) wherein a return must be authorized, either by email or telephone.  Returns will not be accepted and no refund issued without prior return authorization. Customers can contact Plasma Sonics by phone at 505-239-1886, or email at for return authorization. 

The seven calendar (7) days begins the day of Product(s) arrival. All returned Product(s) must include any and all accessories, components, parts, and manuals that were shipped with the product(s).  The returned item(s) must be placed in the mail no later than Seven (7) calendar days after return has been authorized.  All Product(s) returns must have shipment tracking number(s) on them which must be supplied to Plasma Sonics.

Refunds on returned items will occur once the Product(s) have been received by Plasma Sonics.    All returned Product (s) should be packed securely and care taken to prevent shipping damage.  In addition to the 20% restocking fee,  any damages to the product(s) either from miss handling, or miss shipping of Product(s) will be charged to the Purchaser. In the event that damages should occur, Plasma Sonics will provide Purchaser an itemized cost to repair Product (s). In addition to the 20% restocking fee, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the original purchase price. Subject to the above terms, Plasma Sonics will refund authorized returns to the customer within Seven (7) days of Plasma Sonic's receipt of product(s).

No refunds shall be issued should the Purchaser (s) fail to place the Product(s) in the mail to Plasma Sonics within seven calendar days after first receiving return authorization from Plasma Sonics.


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