Please Email or  phone us to place an order .- We accept  Money Orders (US Customers Only) as well as Visa , Discover, and Master Card Bankcards. We also accept Cashier checks drawn on US Banks , and PayPal payments as well.  Funds should be payable in US dollars. International orders can use bankcards, or PayPal.  We do not accept interbank Wire Transfers.

International Shipping:

International shipping Costs for a complete PGM-1 system are charged separately to the customer based upon our cost from the postal service. For most countries in Europe - expect charges of about 350 USD.  The device ships in two boxes with a total weight of close to 40 lbs.   We do not put a markup on our costs from the Postal Service. 


PGM-1  Module Complete with Reflector, Plasma Tube, Frequency Generator, tube wiring harness Tube Support, and accessory parts   $6100   USD -  US mainland Shipping  -  Charged  Separately to Customer At Our Cost From The Postal Service   Typically around 100 to 135 USD.

For Orders or Payment  - please contact us via email or phone.                                                   

Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. Is Located in Greenville, SC and is  a South Carolina USA registered LLC                                                                                

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