New Orders Will Not Be Taken Until August of 2019

Plasma Sonics is moving to another State. New Orders will be taken after 

Moving is completed. Thank You for your understanding.

Repairs On Customers Devices or Components Will Resume is Approximately July of 2019.



You may phone or mail your order to Plasma Sonics - We accept  Money Orders (US Customers Only) as well as Visa , Discover, and Master Card Bankcards. We also accept Cashier checks drawn on US Banks and PayPal payments as well.  Funds should be payable in US dollars. International orders can use bankcards, or PayPal. 

International Shipping:

International shipments  for a complete PGM-1 system have a 375 USD flat rate fee for shipping/handling/and document preparation. The device ships in two boxes

with a total weight of close to 40 lbs ( 18 Kilo's). 

International Shipments for a complete Table Top Plate Based  device is 425 USD flat rate. This unit has to ship in three boxes.



PGM-1  Module Complete with Reflector, Plasma Tube, Frequency Generator, tube wiring harness Tube Support, and accessory parts  -  US mainland Shipping + Handling -  $100 USD

PGM-1 Basic  Module  Without Plasma Tube, Tube Support, tube wiring harness Reflector, or Frequency Generator   - US  mainland Shipping + Handling - $90 USD

Table Top Assembly Complete with Plasma Tube, Tube Support, wiring harness, accessory parts and Frequency Generator (ships in three boxes) -US mainland Shipping + Handling - $130.00 USD

Basic Table Top Assembly Without Plasma Tube , Tube Support, wiring harness or Frequency Generator        US mainland Shipping + Handling - 90 USD

Please Send Me The Following Items:  Quantity   Price Each   S /H       Total

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2.__________________________   _____     ______    _____    ______

                                                                                            Total S/H   ______

                                                          International Shipping Fee   _______

                                                                             Parts + S/H TOTAL: _______

Visa/MasterCard Number : ______________________________________

Expiration Date :________   Name On Card : ________________________

V Code ( Last Three Digits On Back of Card ) : ________________________

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Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.

933 San Mateo Blvd. NE

Suite 500 Box 365

Albuquerque, NM 87108  USA

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