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You may phone or mail your order to Plasma Sonics - We accept  Money Orders (US Customers Only) as well as Visa , Discover, and Master Card Bankcards. We also accept Cashier checks drawn on US Banks , and PayPal payments as well.  Funds should be payable in US dollars. International orders can use bankcards, or PayPal. 

International Shipping:

International shipments  for a complete PGM-1 system have a variable rate that is charged separately to the customer based upon our cost from the postal service. For most countries in Europe - expect charges of about 400 USD.  The device ships in two boxes with a total weight of close to 40 lbs.   We do not put a markup on our costs from the Postal Service. We do charge an additional 30 USD over the postal rates to cover the paperwork requirements.

As the Plate Based unit ships in three boxes, typically shipping charges to Europe will be an additional 80 USD.



PGM-1  Module Complete with Reflector, Plasma Tube, Frequency Generator, tube wiring harness Tube Support, and accessory parts  5750 USD -  US mainland Shipping + Handling -  $135  USD

PGM-1 Basic  Module  Without :  Plasma Tube, Tube Support, tube wiring harness Reflector, accessory parts ,or Frequency Generator   4750 USD - US  mainland Shipping + Handling - $110 USD

Table Top Plate Assembly Complete with Plasma Tube, Tube Support, wiring harness, accessory parts and Frequency Generator (ships in three boxes)  5100 USD  - US mainland Shipping + Handling - $160.00 USD

Basic Table Top Plate Assembly Without : Plasma Tube , Tube Support, wiring harness , accessory parts, or Frequency Generator   4100 USD     US mainland Shipping + Handling - 125 USD

Comments:  Basic Module Systems are generally used  by customers  that have their own frequency generators ( which would interface ) and  also wish to use a different style plasma tube. Different plasma tube shapes will need custom mounts, custom wiring harnesses , custom reflectors , accessory parts.  and tuning of the  device to the plasma tube. Please contact us for a quote on the use of a different plasma tube shape. 

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