Gas Plasma Tube For High Power RF


Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. has developed a unique gas plasma tube for use with it's equipment. Made of pyrex glass with an internal getter, this tube is over 30" in overall length and filled with what is presently considered to be an extremely high pressure argon/neon gas mix. Prior to mounting, this tube must undergo 15 hours or more of burn in time at Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. to properly age. The waves seen in the picture above are known as electromagnetic evanescent waves . These become visible at only specific frequencies, but are present at all frequencies.  In this case about 11,000 Hz. The tube is designed to operate at 300 watts PEP  continuous duty. 

When matched by Plasma Sonics antenna tuner,  the square U configuration produces a unique wave. A wave that creates something akin to a wobble as the tube ignites from one end to the other, and not from both ends simultaneously. The emitted wave makes two 90 degree shifts with each individual pulse emitted from the amplifier. The shape, overall length, and fill pressure of this tube, produce an extremely intense and active wave that is superior to any other type of tube. 

This tube must be used with an amplifier rated at 150 watts maximum power or more. It is specifically designed to operate best at frequencies well above 6,000 Hz. At frequencies below 3000 Hz, SWR's may be slightly elevated, typically 1.75 to 2.0 using our antenna tuner. It is recommended that a different or supplemental straight tube of from 18 to 22 inches in length, with a gas fill pressure of around 10mm, be used within the frequency ranges of 0 to 3000 Hz. Above 6000 Hz, SWR's typically produced are between 1.2 and 1.4 .  In other words, this tube is specifically designed to operate with the frequency capabilities of the OM-1 transmitter and Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.'s antenna tuner. 


Glass - Pyrex with internal getter.

Tube Length > 30"

Tube Diameter - 25mm

Mount Dimensions-  Approximately 12.5 inches high X 21 inches wide  X 11 inches deep ( leg length )

Power Rating - 300 watts PEP continuous


$380 USD


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