Plasma Sonics Brokerage Services


We have been contacted from time to time over the years to help resell an older  Plasma Sonics Instrument.  We are happy to brokerage the sale of older devices.

This is the process that is used.

1. Device must be shipped to Plasma Sonics at the owners expense.

2. The Device will then be gone through and checked with with updates or repairs done as necessary.

3. There is no charge to check the device, but updates and repair costs will be deducted from the final sale price.

4. Once device is checked and found to be functioning correctly, it will be sold with a 30 day parts and labor warranty from Plasma Sonics.

      A selling price will then be agreed upon by Plasma Sonics and the devices owner.  

5. We charge 250 USD to broker the sale of the device, which will be deducted from the final sale price. Also to be deducted from the sale price

 will be any bank service charges incurred by Plasma Sonics via purchasers use of  a bank card,  PayPal or similar .

6. When sold, the device will be shipped to the purchaser at the purchasers expense, unless the prior owner wishes to fully or partially pay part of the new owners shipping costs.

7. A final accounting showing all costs involved and a total remittance to be expected will be provided to the seller within 2 days of the sale. As it takes a few days for funds to enter our bank accounts,  a Check or PayPal transfer payment will be made to the seller within 7 days of the sale of the device. 

If using our Brokerage Service,  Contact Us First before shipping anything  !

 Be certain to return all items that came with the device and also to carefully box the unit for shipping. Missing or broken parts that are major (plasma tube, etc)  would have to be replaced or repaired prior to sale, and cost of such deducted from the selling price. 

Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.

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